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Almost all carbon fiber hard hats on the market are not true carbon fiber, but they do not tell you this in their advertisement! But with research, you will find they use a filler matt such as fiberglass to cut back on cost, using only one layer of carbon fiber on the outside for appearance. Other models contain no carbon fiber at all; they are simply covered with a print that looks like carbon fiber, but still advertised as being carbon fiber hard hats.

All Carbon Feather Evolutions hats are 100% carbon fiber/aramid fiber (for colored hats). That is why the thinness and featherlight weight cannot be beaten by competitors.

Carbon Feather Evolutions hard hats are made of 6 layers of true carbon fiber. The manufacturing of this hat is a molded process with extreme pressure and heat to ensure the even and complete impregnation of the fibers and resin for a flawless bond between layers. Because of this technique, we are able to produce a superior product that is remarkably thin, incredibly light, and unbelievably strong.

The manufacturing process is the same for the colored hats, but the outside layer is a hybrid fabric which is a mix between carbon fiber and aramid fiber woven together. Aramid fiber is similar to carbon fiber; it is used in military and aerospace applications for ballistic-rated body armor and ballistic composites.

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